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It’s a subject that many  women, married or separated, would like to talk about but couldn’t , for fear of being criticized as materialistic, disloyal, or un-Christian.  It’s the subject of money, property or ownership, or lack thereof, that women have to deal with once a marriage comes to an end.

I think it’s time that women , whether in a relationship , or out of a failed one , get the proper guidance when it comes to securing their finances.

Perhaps many women would find themselves in the same shoes as my friend Mira:

“I thought I had finally met my dashing prince when I married my college sweetheart, but we did not live happily ever after.

We got divorced after two children, 16 years of marriage, and a move halfway around the globe. While the reasons for our divorce don’t matter now,  suffice it to say that I wasn’t prepared. Who prepares for divorce anyway? I should probably have left him earlier,  but having grown up in a predominantly Catholic country, I thought that the stigma associated with divorce was unnerving and shameful, at the very least. It gnawed my conscience for so long. I thought I had failed my parents, my in-laws, my friends, my upbringing, the nuns at the Catholic schools  I attended, and the priest who married us.

I  had two young children,   a few part-time jobs and  a mountain of debt, courtesy of my ex. I was beyond overwhelmed, but I decided to trudge on…”

Suddenly Single Women’s Guide to Finances: From Struggling to Secure Single, at any Age , written by  Mira Reverente and Tracy Marcynzsyn , is a  must-read book for  women  who are looking for  creative  yet  practical  financial advice that will help them pick up the pieces after a failed relationship.  Drawing from the authors’ personal experiences, the book is engaging as well as informative. Hear from the remarkable women who have been through the post-marriage financial jungle  and survived. Buy the book from  Amazon.com.




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