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Here are those awesome Cesar Millan Meet and Greet photos with my daughters Zoe and Zia. Thank you very much to MMI!

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IMG_8090My daughters, Zoe’s ( 15 )and Zia’s (10) hard work paid off when they won a pair of tickets to Cesar Millan Live in Manila today, August 29, 2014 at the Eastwood Central Plaza.  They had joined Music Management International‘s photo and video contests , and it was the video “Why I love Moca” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-2sulM7giM)  that got them the prize.

MMI was generous enough to grant prizes to the only three videos that joined and we are so grateful for this. Thank you, MMI! Thanks too to all who voted for us!


We met the other  lovely winners at the tent beside McDonald’s, behind the stage. They were a lovely bunch, all simple people with a fondness for dogs that is overwhelming.

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What was special about the prize was the Meet and Greet with Cesar Millan, which only lasted a few precious seconds for each of us,but left me in awe the entire night, much like that next-day feeling after prom night.

Yep, I was like a giggly teenager when I entered Cesar Millan’s tent, shook his hand and posed in front of the cameras. He asked me how I was and all I could say was “fine”. I couldn’t even look at him straight in the eyes, and I scampered out of the tent like a teenage girl would after a boy asks her out on a first date.


The other side of the curtain

The other side of the curtain

Well, since we only had two tickets between the three of us, I opted to wait outside until the show ended, satisfied with what little I was able to see  through the dark curtains that separated the ticketed audience with the mere onlookers that stood outside.

This is all we could really see

This is all we could really see . What’s “unfair” about that?

It was working well for all of us , until security started asking people to move back , because it was “unfair ” to those who paid, but I beg to disagree because: 1)  everybody in Eastwood is passing through the Eastwood Central Plaza, and 2) there was hardly anything to see through those black curtains 3) people are outside because they could not afford to go inside!

The tickets are really pricey, ranging from P6000 to P8000, thus I would assume that the show targeted  the class A ,B and maybe the upper C markets.  I was wondering why this was so when Cesar Millan’s venues for other countries in his tour are much bigger, and the prices were more affordable. I could only surmise that maybe organizers assumed that only rich people would be interested in  or have even heard about Cesar Millan , whose show is featured in the National Geographic Channel . Thus, the reason for holding the event at Eastwood, which is not only associated with moneyed individuals and families, but is also known to be pet-friendly.  However, as I waited outside for the show to end, a lot of dog owners expressed shock at the high ticket prices. Perhaps the organizers were wrong to assume that the general C crowd are not as interested in dogs nor with Cesar Millan. A bigger venue could have made it more affordable for most.

This could have been an opportunity to teach more people about our loyal pets, and to challenge the global  misconception that Filipinos are merely dog eaters rather than dog lovers. In fact, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service GAIN report of 2013,  only six percent of households in the Philippines  own cats while 35% own dogs. 35%—that’s more than a third of Filipino households!

They claim that  “the Philippines is the largest export market in Southeast Asia and the 10th largest in the world for pet foods.” Among the reasons cited for this growing market is “animal welfare initiatives, urbanization, and the rise in smaller unit households, popularity of pedigree pets, and a  growing awareness of proper pet care” .

Kabang, the hero dog at Cesar Millan's show

Kabang, the hero dog at Cesar Millan’s show

Yes, we love our dogs, and they love us back. Case in point is  Kabang, the hero dog who , in 2013 , lost half her face trying to save the lives of two children- her masters. She had received donations from over 40 countries in support of her surgery, and  came home  to a hero’s welcome in her home city, Zamboanga City . She was a big star tonight , too!

Well, to go back to the event itself – my daughters loved it , and thought it was worth all the hard work we put into it.  Personally, I am in awe of  Cesar Millan. If only men can communicate with each other in the same way he can communicate with dogs, then what a wonderful world this would be!

Hey! There's Chris Tiu for Pet One..

Hey! There’s Chris Tiu for Pet One..


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