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pepvidAfter the first runner up in the 2014 UAAP Cheerdance Competition was called tonight, the University of the Philippines Pep Squad remained in their places, for probably the most difficult 3 seconds of their day, unable to mask their disappointment, before finally standing up to accept their prize. Earlier in the ABS-CBN broadcast, a team member that was interviewed was in hopeful tears to bring home the elusive title. Little did he know that his team would receive something much greater. Tonight, the UP Pep Squad earned deep respect and admiration among the UAAP community , not simply for their stunning performance, but mostly for their message of equality and the symbolism of woman supporting man in a stunt that sent goosebumps to the 22,000 strong crowd who witnessed the creative and unique routine. After the competition, as the rainbow flag that the UP Pep Squad paraded around as a symbol of equality for all was passed around the coliseum, across the different teams, a sense of pride and unity awakened among these rivals. It was a sight to behold, an act that one would expect from a typical UP student who only wants one simple thing – to change the world in a grandiose manner. During the performance, twitter had been flooded with UP Pep Squad’s message of #equality, #pantaypantay, #equaliteam,#Equality4All and other related terms. Congratulations flowed in, and the performance undoubtedly put a smile on the faces of all UP students and graduates across the country, including myself. The vision of equality is both  universal and timely. Equality requires change, and there’s no better time to start but right now.   777px-Gay_flag.svgAnyone who says that equality exists in this country had probably never been a victim of domestic violence, discrimination, or skipped a meal to save some money. Everyday, regular people do great things. But not many care. The young couple who picked up a stray cat along EDSA as it avoided the oncoming vehicles, the dancing policeman who cheers motorists everyday, the metro aide who risks his life picking up garbage along EDSA – their kindness is never celebrated in magazine or television. Yet society glamourizes celebrities and politicians, whose photoshopped faces are a mainstay on media, despite their shameful lives and the undesirable message that they send to the public. That’s inequality, advertised blatantly,  for the shallow soul in all of us. I am saddened , however, that this university student , totally missed the point, as evidenced in his tweet.   peptwit

Filipino, this is your country. Our ancestors’ actions in the past have molded the country into what it is today. Vision is what makes things happen. Have one today. To the UP Pep Squad, the sight of your sad faces tonight broke my heart. Please send the UP community a big smile, because you have brought the UP spirit into center stage today. You may have lost the crown, but the glory is all yours. Please remind yourselves that you have achieved the greater prize.


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