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My daddy, Rafael

How daddy inspires me



When I was 2 ,  he would sit me on top of his shoulders and carry me about, and it made me feel like I’m on top of the world.

As a kid, that wavy curl on his forehead reminds me that he is the “man of steel”.

When I was 4, I was specially fond of his “deep pockets”, and always chose to hold his hand when we went shopping.

ourladyofatimachurchbulacanov19771967He had that typically ’60’s clean cut hair and  neat sense of fashion that inspired me  to marry someone with that same cool vibe.

He has a smile and a charm that works wonders, and masterfully crafted words that convinced my mother to marry him.

His infamous photo with the ex dictator inspires me to be a great …photobomber!

marcosScan10125He makes me proud to be his doppelganger ,  even if it means I look like a guy.

He is intelligent and loves to make smart jokes, and my mom would take a few seconds to think before she laughs.

He loves his family more than his beer.

mar68blavanisland1975He’s a tough guy with a soft spot for his kids and a huge spot in the backyard for his chickens.

He loves to travel… it inspires me to work harder to get an AmEx card one day.

london1998london98cHis cooking skills challenge me to go beyond that can of corned beef and Spam.

He loves home-cooked meals …a lot more than doing the dishes.

He has a liking to all things barbecued, and made a killer marinade and barbecue dip–probably why Eco is a barbecue guy and Oz is the sauce king.

He takes risks and loves it…he took a chance on me when he paid for my studies in London…even if it meant years to get a return on his investment.

20000719-170938Scan10110He went to my graduation with a full smile, a huge camera and that contagious flu. It inspired me to take my vitamins everyday .

He shows us discipline , love , and a sense of strength. Today, it’s handy in the presence of an all you can eat buffet.

He is a generous friend and a completely honest person who always fulfills his promises.

20000721-131329IMG_3058He always tries to understand , even if we are making no sense.

He tells you what you need to hear but he always listens to what you have to say.

No matter how much he argues with you, in the end, he is proud that you had the guts to do so.

He gives you all the freedom to make mistakes, no matter how much money it costs…

20000807-13170020000807-132207He inspires me never to grow old ….that’s why I love my night cream.

He loves his home and repairs it every single year.

He trusts his kids  completely, even if we don’t always deserve it.

He’s a child at heart and  likes to play with his grandchildren, and they all think he’s cool.

Everyday, he still makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you!





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