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Upstage 2014 programme


Since watching the hit musical , “Wicked” at the CCP theater in March of this year, my 15 year old daughter , Gabrielle had become fascinated with  theatre arts.  After searching through all available theatre workshops on the web, we decided that Dulaang UP’s summer theatre workshop, Upstage 2014, is the perfect fit for her.


Since it is only offered once a year, we dropped everything, including her much anticipated voice lessons at the UP College of Music , and her dentist’s appointments, in order to be part of this program.


“Doon Po Sa Amin”

Gabrielle in "Doon Po sa Amin"

Gabrielle in “Doon Po sa Amin”

This year’s 17 session workshop includes introduction to theatre, acting , voice for the theatre, movement, props-making, puppetry, and technical theatre. The  41 (estimated) workshop participants include successful applicants to the Certificate in Theater Arts program for 2014, and theatre enthusiasts, including kids above 10 years old. Instructors include UP faculty and guest theatre artists.

"Palanca In My Mind"

“Palanca In My Mind”

The workshop required full commitment from the participant , as it involves late nights and physically and emotionally demanding rehearsals.

"Mga Santong Tao"

“Mga Santong Tao”

On May 16, 2014 , Upstage 2014  held its  final showcase  at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater at UP Diliman.  Under the artistic supervision of Dr. Alexander Cortez, it featured segments from Rene Villanueva’s  “Ang Mahiwagang Ibong Adarna”, an adaptation of Thorton Wilder’s  “Our Town”, “Doon Po Sa Amin”,  Job Pagsibigan’s “Palanca In My Mind”, and  Tomas Remigio’s  “Mga Santong Tao”, and dance numbers from the musical hit-comedy Hairspray’s “You Can’t Stop the Beat” and “Nicest Kids in Town” , and Pink’s “Try” .

Pink's "Try"

Pink’s “Try”



“Nicest Kids in Town”


“Nicest Kids in Town”

The show is capped off by the awarding of certificates to workshop completers.

Prof. Alexander Cortez, PhD with workshop participants

Prof. Alexander Cortez, PhD , Artistic Director, Dulaang UP, with workshop participants

Both Gabrielle’s hard work and my nightly hour-long waits  at the parking lot in front of Palma Hall, waiting for rehearsals to end, paid off big time.  Gabrielle’s excitement and  that  big smile on her face at curtain call gave away the fact that we made the right decision to pour all our energy and patience into this summer workshop. Gabrielle –  that shy, soft spoken girl who had numerous inhibitions ranging from riding a carousel to dancing and singing in public, had broken out of her shell.

For more information on Dulaang UP’s summer theatre workshops, visit  https://www.facebook.com/DulaangUnibersidadNgPilipinas   , contact them at 9261349 or inquire at the Dulaang UP office, Palma Hall 136 , UP Diliman .


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The University of the Philippines College of Human Kinetics holds summer recreation programs each semester. The CHK Community Recreation Program  is targeted primarily at students, faculty, staff, and the rest of the local community and aims not only to provide recreation and leisure services but also aims to improve wellness in the community. This year, 2014, the following activities were offered: ballet, contemporary dance, ballroom dancing, zumba, rhythmic gymnastics, streetdance, pilates, yoga,table tennis, taekwondo, football, swimming, self defense for women, judo, wushu, fencing and arnis.

Last Saturday, May 10, 2014, they held their 2014 Dance Recitals. The recital featured the ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and street dance classes course completers. It was a fun recital, specially for me because my daughter’s in it!   Here are some photos.

If you would like to enroll in any of their classes contact them here:  phone – 9296033 / 9818500 loc 4130 ; email -upchkcomrec@yahoo.com ; facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/chkcommrec


2014-05-10 10.20.02

Ballet Class by Ms. Apple Dungao

2014-05-10 10.19.27

Ballet Class by Ms. Michiko Aseron

2014-05-10 10.45.42

Street Dance (Intermediate)



Street Dance (Intermediate) instructed by Mr. Von Asilo


Street Dance Kids , instructed by Mr. Aye Alba and Mr. Sam Abriza


Street Dance Kids


Rhythmic Gymnastics instructed by Ms. Dayanara Arandela


Rhythmic Gymnastics instructed by Ms. Dayanara Arandela

2014-05-10 10.34.42

Rhythmic Gymnastics




UP Streetdance…the UP Fighting Maroons (far back) just had to halt their practice for a few minutes to watch this awesome routine


UP Streetdance

2014-05-10 10.25.44

UP Streetdance



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My mommy, Estela

Happy memories my mother gave me….

apr1971dSitting on Santa’s lap when I was 2,  and I had a worried look on my face, yet you thought that was cute enough for a photo

Riding  at the back of bicycles driven by Tin when I was 1 year old

Sailing in MV Missouri and vomiting at the deck when I was  5 and you managed to take a photo of me smiling afterwards

Donning  pigtails since I had hair ,  being called  curly, and Tin , Bhomie  and I  walking around in sandos and underwear, tinkering with dad’s radios on those sunny days at Iran

dec73udornWalking through those snowy roads in Iran,  all wrapped up in a thick blue jacket  and a bonnet,  posing for photos under the snow.

Pulling Mike’s pants down when he was a baby and I was 4,   while you snapped a photo of my proud moment

Getting dolled up , Tin and I,  for   weddings  here and there – green dresses with flowery head dresses,  white dresses donned with flowers on the waist, pink dresses with flowers in our baskets and ribbons on our hats

udornGetting cramped inside dad’s old, black Mercedes Benz – with Dada Ama , titos and titas and everyone else who could still possibly fit in

Wearing Charlie’s Angels shirts and  knowing that I was without a doubt, Farrah Fawcett

Customizing   an  angel costume for me from Paete for  my   school play at Angelicum , while the children laughed  at my funny looking wings,  but you encouraged me to wear it with pride

Scan10005Playing games with Dada Ama  at Marang, and the prize always went to his obvious favorite…Mike

Those   triple birthday celebrations on January 9’s with daddy and Dada Ama, dad carrying a beer, me carrying a doll and most of the gifts, and  Dada Ama wearing his big warm smile

Wearing  matching pants and shirts with my sister, and I thinking then that  it was absolutely cool

ferminweddingEating fried bananas at 3 pm, as I watched Lovingly Yours Helen on TV at the Marang apartment , and we all end up eating those delicious treats with sugar on the side

Dancing at the Foundation Day field demos at Angelicum , wearing  traditional Filipino wear, bakya and saya, Bhomie with his farmer costume and Tintin with her baro’t saya, while you watched us from the shade wearing those big sunglasses and that pink blouse.

Scan10011Burning my white veil while looking around for you at my first communion.

Wearing those sailor-inspired blouses   and jeans, Tin and I,  when I was 10,  Mike wearing Playboy t-shirts and tight shorts, and Bhomie those corduroy jeans, and  we posed in front of the 1970 Mercedes Benz for a photo … and we thought then that  it was fashionable.

Swimming in Villa Trinidad, with  a bunch of strangers, and I get itchy skin ….but we did that every year with a variety  of public pools.. yikes!

Dirty ice cream days with cousins at Marang , and clean ice cream days at Paete with Dada Onor

Scan10168Those Marang Sundays where we walked to mass at St Joseph, and we afterwards headed to Ali Mall for some lunch at the food court and some grocery shopping, which we carried to a jeep back to Marang.

Those weekends at Sunnyside Heights when I was around 10  …and  Bhomie, Tin , Mike and I  played in that unfinished house, took wacky photographs at the stairs and behind the posts, and had lunches on the floor

Scan10058Christmases and New Years at Marang- kutsinta , leche flan, inihaw , Tita Gigi’s  empanadas and awesome spaghetti,  Tita Ayin’s puddings, and those never-absent brownies from Goldilocks

Hauling soil from the backyard to the front yard in Sunnyside —back breaking work that ended in awesome meriendas of cold orange juice

That Christmas at Sunnyside in the 1980’s when we saved money by making a Christmas tree using strings tied to a pole- the same time everyone else in the country made clothes hangers from umbrellas, new soaps from old, recycled paper — all  learned from Tina Monzon Palma’s ubiquitous Tipid Tips

Scan10007Mama’s and Papa’s golden wedding anniversary vows where we happily celebrated with the entire Munoz clan, daddy wearing a cool blue suit and looking  absolutely dapper

That day we celebrated Mike’s Basketball MVP trophy at Sunnyside with brownies from Goldilocks and hopia from Quiapo, and juice in that corn shaped pitcher

Conversations with Tita Ayin and Tita Lilian and everybody else on that round table at Marang on Christmas eve, over pancit and Goldilocks rolls- our favorites back in the day

Scan10002Mandatory photos with siblings lined up at the sofa at Sunnyside , at the big door  or outside at the garden..over and over again…

Cramping up on the big bed in Sunnyside, watching TV until bedtime, posing for a mispositioned automatic camera, waking up the next day, running to your bedroom again — 4 kids cramped as the night before…

Late night runs to Burger Machine at the corner of Batasan Road, to get our fix of Sans Rival and their delicious burgers

Those endless photos in front of the Christmas tree


Our days in London after Zoe was born, and our summer  vacation in New Jersey

My beautiful wedding with Rommel

These are the best memories of my life, and you shared them all with me, mommy

I remember, how you were with me on every single happy memory , and how relieved I am that you are still around today…

…and how as a kid, as today, you always made me feel that I am the most beautiful girl in the room, like you do for your grand daughters….

IMG_6775Thank you dearly , mommy ,  for the happy memories, from me and my children..

I look forward to having more with you…I love you mommy…Happy Mother’s Day.


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Here are those awesome Cesar Millan Meet and Greet photos with my daughters Zoe and Zia. Thank you very much to MMI!

cesarme cesarzoe cesarzia


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