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My family had anticipated celebrating Easter at Shangrila Hotel this year . We wanted it to be special because it was the first Easter we were celebrating in a 5 star hotel. We chose Shangrila Hotel because we had a good experience here the last time we billeted.

We checked in on April 7, 2012, Friday and stayed until April 9,Monday. Everything was spectacular…the food, the service, the pool….except for the main event…the Easter egg hunt party called  “Enchanted Easter Party”.

The Easter party at Makati Shangrila on April 8, 2011 was a complete let down.
Let me tell you why:

1) Crowded
The venue was just too small for the number of people who attended the event. It was very uncomfortable. My husband and I were seated at the adults table at the back while our 5 kids were at the kids tables (yellow) in the middle . It was hard to make our way to the kids to attend to their needs because there was very little space in between chairs. The adults were cramped at the tables so that we had to stand when someone goes in and out to get food. The kids just did not try to participate in the games anymore because it was hard to get in an out.

The narrow passage way to the door had tables that had glasses and juice dispensers so that there were people lining up to get drinks, as well as people and chairs so that it was so hard to get in and out. The passage was so narrow that a kid knocked over a plate.

2) Loot Bags
The loot bags were ridiculous. They were filled with vitamins like Cherifer and PedZinc , HandWipes, Rice baby Powder , Dentiste toothpaste (is this even for kids?), a few candies , cookies and junk food. Kids could potentially eat all these medicines , thinking they were candies. This is an Easter event, but the loot bag looks like something to be given out on a medical mission.

The Easter egg was also disappointing. I would have been ready to forgive the other mishaps during the event if only the easter eggs were worth all the trouble.

When my kids opened the easter eggs, what was inside was one candy and one very small plastic toy, small enough for a 3 year old to swallow. This is unforgivable. Why would they include such toy in an easter egg where 3 year olds would participate? This is the kind of giveaway one would find in an easter egg hunt at a second class mall…not one that must be given away at a Shangrila event.
3) Easter Egg hunt disaster
My 3 year old daughter and I went into the dark easter egg hunt room where they said there were glow in the dark eggs. They were NOT glow in the dark so the eggs were hard to find.

The place was filled with objects that could cause accidents. Since the place was dark, kids could trip on the electrical wires that lay around. Then cloth was also placed on top of the wires — again a fire hazard. I lifted the cloth to find eggs and the organizer said not to do so because the lamp (decorated into a lollipop) could fall. I told her that they should not place a tall lamp because kids could hit them and get hurt.

She replied that if there were no decors(lamps), the place would not look good. Again I reasoned that safety is more important.

True enough, a child bumped into one of the tall lamps and the lamp fell on the floor. Luckily, it did not hit her head.

In addition, since we were at the back of the line, there were little eggs left for us to find. Poor planning. No foresight.
4) Poor service
We could hardly find any waiters inside the event room when we needed them to assist us or our kids. The drinks dispensers were often empty so people stand around waiting for it to be refilled.

Plates and glasses were not taken away from tables quick enough so that they piled up on the kids tables. This is again a potential disaster when the kids started playing games.

The ushers are poorly dressed and not up to par with Shangrila standards. The shoes were dirty , hair unkempt, and they did not look professional- more like fresh graduates out for some training. This gave me a clue that this probably was not an official Shangrila event.

5) Entertainment
The kids did not find the magic show nor the games enjoyable. The bunny mascot looked pathetic and cheap. My kids even found him rather annoying.
The games were also pathetic….from the ring toss, to the throw the ball into the box, which were not at all creative enough for the kids to appreciate.

We went to the Spooky Circus Halloween at Edsa Shangrila Hotel in last October 2011. That event was truly spectacular – from the food, the entertainment, the loot bags, the service. It was good value for money. This was the same caliber that we expected from Shangrila Hotel in Makati. We spent almost the same amount for the tickets but we were not rewarded with the same memorable experience. It is ironic since we expected more from an Easter event and more from Shangrila Makati .

I am sad to say that there was no redeeming factor for this Easter disaster at the Shangrila Makati.
The only ones who actually had a great time were whoever profited from this rather shameful money making event.


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